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ProSIM customers are:

  • Energy Utilities/ Operators ( of nuclear power plants/ thermal power plants /oil and gas/ solar power plants/ wind turbine etc).
  • EPC contractors of energy Companies
  • System integrators
  • Equipment / component suppliers
  • Defence entities (armed forces, research labs)
  • Defence contractors / suppliers
  • Auto OEMs/ Tier-1 suppliers
  • Heavy engineering, general engineering, companies.

ProSIM customers get benefitted in multiple ways due to engagement with ProSIM.

  • Capability: Technical competence, simulation and analysis expertise of ProSIM team in areas of computer aided engineering (CAE), finite element analysis (FEA); structural integrity assessment, remaining life assessment and extension (RLA/RLE) studies; fitness for service (FFS) services; deep knowledge of industry standards and codes such as ASME B&PV, RCC, IEEE, PNAE, EN, DIN, etc.
  • Engineering Judgement: for product design validation by finite element analysis; design optimization by simulation based methods; failure analysis using analysis tools;
  • Capacity: ProSIM augments the capacity for CAE, FEA, pipe modeling and pipe stress analysis by outsourced / offshored consultancy services; onsite consultancy/ placement services/; creating offshore development centers
  • Project Management and Qualify Management: ProSIM has developed over decades of experience, very robust project management practice (PMP) and quality management systems. ProSIM team will alert customer any risks, including delays and technical glitches to customers a priori. Often ProSIM becomes the main connector of various stake holders in the project.
  • Joint design, research, development team: often ProSIM has been a key contributor to such mission critical development projects.

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