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Defence Systems Indigenous Development / R&D

  • We work in a collaborative engineering mode to assist defence R&D from conceptual design to delivery of design / manufacturing drawings. We interface to get certification from appropriate agencies.
  • We use a variety of computer simulation technologies, we develop computer models of products/ systems/ processes, adopting virtual product development, virtual prototyping, virtual testing methodologies.
  • Our models are correlated by physical prototypes and tests to check compliance of MIL specs/ customer design specs
  • We deliver proven, optimised designs using this robust R&D process
  • We develop defence systems/ products/ processes faster, better and in a cost effective manner.
  • Some of the projects we have delivered to defence organisations and their vendors:
    • Landing Gear of MIG
    • Enhanced Fatigue Meter for Mirage
    • Permanent Magnet Generator for Submarine
    • Turbine Blade Forging and investment casting for Sukhoi
    • Structural optimisation of missile launchers
    • Dynamics of air conditioning units for submarines
    • Growth of turbine rotor discs
    • Fatigue and fracture analysis of turbine rotor shaft
    • Optimisation of air intake for UAV
    • Structural optimisation UAV
    • Landing flap dynamic studies and optimisation
    • EMI / EMC analysis of Antenna, Sensors, PCBs etc.,
    • 4Mechanical and thermal design of aviation electronics systems …. And Many More


Gun Systems
Missile Launchers
Battle Tanks
Motors/ Drives
Turbine Systems
UAV Systems


  • An ISO 9001:2008 company
  • ProSIM is a CEMILAC certified design house
  • DSIR Recognised R&D Company
  • Registered vendor in several DRDO and Defence manufacturing units

Defence Systems Indigenous Development / R&D

  • Design & Optimisation (to reduce weight, increase the performance - life, reliability, stress, thermal, vibration etc.,)
  • Finite element analysis (structural and dynamic-prediction of stress hot spots), impact, crash, shock, non linear analysis.
  • Thermal analysis, (prediction of thermal hot spots)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); (prediction of temperature profiles, dead flow zones, pressure/ velocity gradients, fluid-solid interaction)
  • Fatigue, fracture, creep, analysis (prediction fatigue hot spots- the regions where fatigue damage initiates, number of cycles for failure, Probability of failure due to variations in loading/ material properties/ operational conditions)
  • Multi-body dynamics (Flex bodies included) and linking to control systems.
  • Coupled Electro - magnetic - thermal - structural analysis (generators/ motors/ transformers/ switch gears/ sensors/ etc.,)
  • EMI / EMC analysis (high frequency analysis)
  • Failure analysis
  • Remaining life assessment and extension

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