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ProSIM team members involving in tree planting as a part of their social commitment to the cause of green planet, and sustainability.

ProSIM contributes to Nuclear Design Code Haromonisation efforts by World Nuclear Association.

Group Photograph of 4th CORDEL workshop of world nuclear association on “Harmonisation to support operation and new build of nuclear power plants (NPPs)” held At Lyon, France hosted by EDF and Framatome. Dr Shamasundar, Managing Director of ProSIM presented a paper on “Comparison of Nuclear Codes and standards for Seismic Evaluation of NPPs systems”. Paper described experience at ProSIM on seismic analysis. Comparison of nuclear design codes as per ASME B&PV (section III), RCC-M, and PNAE – G7 codes was done for a high temperature tank (pressure vessel).

Dr Shamasundar, ProSIM, visited the factories of FRAMATOME at St. Marcel, and Le Creusot in France, along with select delegates of CORDEL workshop. At these two sites, FRAMATOME manufactures and assembles some of the critical components of nuclear power plant including nuclear reactors and steam generators. Visitors were explained the process of design, design evaluation, seismic qualification, safety considerations, followed @ FRAMATOME to ensure the safe running of nuclear power plants (NPPs).

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