ProSIM is a "Go To" Company for nuclear power plant related engineering services and consultancy. ProSIM has become the preferred partner for engineering outsourcing and consultancy services from Bangalore India for nuclear power plant (NPP) related engineering. ProSIM offers the following services for nuclear energy sector.

Nuclear Power New Build Projects

Detailed Engineering, Seismic Analysis, Piping related services. Owners Consultants

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Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Regime

Structural Integrity Assessment, Remaining Life Assessment & Extension (RLA/RLE), fitness for service (FFS); fatigue life, creep damage, crack growth analysis

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ProSIM is a preferred engineering and design consultancy services for nuclear power plant ecosystem in India and overseas. ProSIM partners with entire nuclear ecosystem for outsourced / offshored engineering design services.



ProSIM has been working with all the nuclear entities in India and abroad and provide services for safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plant (NPP) related systems, structures and components (SSCs). We are specialists in seismic evaluation / qualification by analysis. We specialize We qualify nuclear systems as per relevant geography specific codes / standards. ProSIM is a preferred engineering and design consultancy services for nuclear power plant ecosystem in India and overseas. ProSIM partners with entire nuclear ecosystem for outsourced / offshored engineering design services.

ProSIM service offerings include

Seismic Analysis Services, finite element analysis (FEA) services, Floor Response Spectra (FRS) generation services, Skid engineering including design, including air crash (AC) analysis and air shock wave (ASW) analysis calculations, code qualification, and optimization.

Piping engineering services including

pipe sizing and pressure drop calculations; piping layout design, pipe routing, piping optimization; piping modeling; design, code qualification of supports, anchor plats, bolts, embedded parts; pipeline integrity assessment service; pipe stress analysis service (pipe flexibility analysis) etc. for various packages and systems in a nuclear power plant; fitness for service (FFS) assessment, remaining life assessment and extension (RLA/RLE services). ProSIM has worked as piping engineering and pipe stress analysis consultants to many vendors and EPC contractors for various nuclear power projects. ProSIM is an engineering design services company.

Our offerings to nuclear power plants include:

Seismic design, analysis and qualification services

  • Seismic analysis service (qualification by finite element analysis- FEA, as per ASME B&PV, RCC, IEEE, PNAE and similar nuclear codes)
  • Seismic Re-evaluation
  • Coordination services for seismic qualification by shake table testing
  • Seismic Design services, code check of nuclear equipment as per nuclear codes/ standards
  • Seismic Margin Assessment
  • Air Crash (AC) analysis
  • Air Shockwave (ASW) analysis
  • Floor Response Spectra (FRS) generation services

Piping Engineering Service

  • Pipe sizing, pressure drop calculations
  • Piping modeling service, routing, and optimization
  • Pipe stress analysis service (flexibility analysis)
  • Seismic analysis service (seismic evaluation /qualification of piping systems)
  • Design, code qualification, and optimization of supports, welds, anchorages, baseplate, embedded parts etc.
  • Piping GA and ISO extraction
  • BoQ Extraction and MTO

Detailed Engineering Service

  • Design calculations (sizing, pressure drop, temperature drop, load etc)
  • Static equipment – pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, valves, etc, Design check, code qualification, finite element analysis (FEA) services
  • rotary equipment – pumps, compressors, motors, gear box, etc., design check , code qualification, finite element analysis (FEA) service
  • Plant layout and 3D modeling
  • PID generation, review, updation
  • HVAC calculations
  • Skid engineering – design, code check, qualification, FEA services, and optimisation

Structural Integrity Assessment Service

  • Structural Analysis (using finite element method- FEA) service
  • Remaining life assessment and extension (RLA/ RLE) service
  • Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment service
  • Study of effect of damage (due fatigue, creep and corrosion etc) on fitness for purpose
  • Repair and reuse; retire judegement based on engineering critical analysis (ECA)
  • Analysis based support to In-Service Engineering (ISI)
Structural Analysis

Nuclear Waste Disposal and Recycling

  • Design and development of special purpose spent fuel handling equipment
  • Design of test apparatus for nuclear waste disposal systems
  • Computational modeling and analysis of deep geological disposal systems
  • Cask design, analysis, modeling and simulation

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) service and multi-physics Simulations

  • Linear Static FEA analysis, modal analysis,
  • Non-linear FEA (large plastic deformations, multiple body contacts, non-linear buckling, etc
    • Dynamic analysis
      • Modal, harmonic FEA
      • Frequency response / response spectra
      • Transient dynamic shock, sine, bump FEA analysis
      • Random vibrations FEA
      • Impact, blast, crash, drop test simulation
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
      • Pressure drop, velocity and temperature gradients
      • Multi-phase flow
      • Conjugate heat transfer
      • Fluid structure interaction (FSI)
  • Electro-magnetic analysis
    • Materials and Damage modeling (FEA based) and analysis
      • Creep, fatigue, creep-fatigue interaction using FEA
      • Crack growth analysis (numerical fracture mechanics using FEA)
      • Failure analysis (using limit load finite element analysis), Root Cause Analysis

Engineering Support Services

  • 2D/ 3D CAD models
  • Manufacturing drawing generation
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) support services (meshing, boundary conditions and deck setting, pre-processing)
  • MEP design and drawings

Following Items are delivered with support of our partner network

RCC and Steel Structures

  • Foundation design, soil-structure interaction
  • Structural design and engineering
  • Finite element analysis and optimization of structures


  • IIoT Implementation
  • Edge computing, and cloud implementation
  • AI/ ML based model development and fine tuning
  • Digital Twins
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive models development based on analytics

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