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PowerSYS, France - Visited ProSIM

Dr S Shamasundar, Umesh Chadra of ProSIM R&D Pvt ltd ( and Mr Olivier Toury & Vincent Capron of PowerSYS, France in the session to develop the business plan for their joint alliance company PWSIM ( to give comprehensive solutions to electrical and electrification sectors.

IndusTree Nagoya, Japan - Visited ProSIM

Dr K K Biswas and Ms Mrinmoy of ATES Yokohama Japan and Mr Hitoshi Oya of IndusTree Nagoya Japan visited Prosim Bangalore for collaboration in engineering services. There is an agreement to position high end computer aided engineering CAE and finite element analysis FEA services of ProSIM to customers in Japan.

Management Team:

ProSIM has a management team with experience of 100+years

Core Team:

ProSIM core team has experience of more than 10+ years. Core team has abilities to manage projects, lead teams, engage with customers, and assess. They bring in multi-disciplinary expertise and high level of skills in computer aided engineering (CAE), finite element analysis (FEA), pipeline modeling, pipe stress analysis, support and embedded plates design, materials and damage modeling (fatigue, creep, creep-fatigue interaction, fracture analysis); seismic analysis, structural integrity assessment, remaining life assessment extension (RLA/RLE); etc. Core team brings in significant capabilities to solve our customer engineering problems.

Execution Team:

We have an execution team, that is agile, skilled, quality conscious, and ready to support customers by delivering quality projects on time.

Continuous Training of Execution Team:

ProSIM conducts training programs to continuously augment the technical competence of their engineers (and also customers). These workshop sessions enhance the ability to solve problems, and deliver projects to customers.

Team Augmentation:

ProSIM has developed a method of team augmentation by a combination of internship, training, and evaluation methods. This well developed methodology gives ProSIM unique ability to rapid ramp up of capacity on demand to meet our customer calls.

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