Workshop on

Finite Element Analysis
(aimed at practising analysts with at least 2 years of experience)

25th -26th September 2019, Bangalore

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Finite element analysis (FEA) analysts / simulation engineers play a critical role in product development life cycle for design validation, optimisation, and even failure analysis (root cause analysis). Reports from analysts have a significant bearing on the engineering / product design. Core objective of workshop is to empower the analysts to add more value to the product design and engineering functions.

Workshop helps analysts to develop more insights about modelling, and how to reduce/ eliminate mistakes in modelling, and how to deliver reports of high value.

Common problems faced by analysists include:

  • How to defend the analysis result/ report?
  • How to validate the design by first principles?
  • How to model all the complexities of physical model?
  • How to simplify the model
  • What type of analysis to be conducted?
  • What type of elements to be used?
  • How to check and control the quality of analysis
  • …. And many more.

How the workshop will help?

Problems listed above are very complex. FE analysts need to understand the process and develop mechanisms. Companies need to evolve simulation strategies, including training, quality control, project management practice, and review mechanisms.

Workshop will assist participants to get orientation to finite element analysis and help them to develop an approach to build appropriate robust FE models and validate the same efficiently, saving time.

Unique Methodology of workshop (with follow up action)

The methodology comprises of 3 stages.

  • 2 day workshop
  • 1 day follow up session using web session
  • Creation of WhatsApp/ Google/ similar groups for further interaction between participants

What happens in the 2 day Workshop?

Workshop will have a combination of

  • Lectures by expert speakers
  • Group exercises / workshop on
    • Creation of conceptual models
    • Prescription of Boundary conditions
    • Problem definition and problem solving
    • FE model validation by first principles
    • Common mistakes in FE modelling
  • Quizzes
  • Test at the end of workshop
  • Assignments for follow up web based session.


  • Workshop will be intensive and is expected to be of 10-12 hours or more each day.
  • Workshop will not be based on any particular FE software.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops with FE software of their choice to solve simple FE problems
  • Emphasis will be on understanding the physical problem and creating a a conceptual model
  • A web based follow up session will be organised, which participants can join from their respective preferred locations. Date will be finalised during the workshop.


Prof, Dr Suresh Nagesh:

  • Researcher and analyst with with 30+ years of experience; a professor and R&D lead in CORI-PESU
  • PhD from Drexel University USA
  • Has been part of research teams of GE and GM
  • Former MD, Voith Engineering; Technical Director- Daimler R&D; Sr VP- Axis CADES
  • Invited speaker in several national and international conferences and seminars

Dr K Venkatesh:

  • Has a PhD from IISc in Aerospace Engineering with 25+years of research, engineering experience.
  • Involved as lead in development of FEA software; and in development of tools for Design of Experiments, fatigue life calculations etc.
  • Has worked in QUEST, EMRC, Infosys, and GE

Dr S Shamasundar:

  • A champion of simulation technologies in India since mid 90’s
  • A PhD in Mechanical Engineering from IISc, with 35+ years of experience in design verification, optimisation, process modelling,
  • Has researched in Imperial College-London; Materials Lab of US Air Force- Dayton; Drexel University-Philadelphia; Wright-State University; Systran Corporation; UES Inc, etc.
  • Has published more than 45 research papers using finite element method
  • Has been an invited keynote speaker in various professional / business fora in India, USA, Japan, Europe, and UK.
  • Is leading a team @ ProSIM delivering engineering solutions to complex industrial problems from different verticals including energy (nuclear, thermal and hydro power, oil & gas, of-shore, wind turbines,) Defence (indigenisation, localisation, optimisation), and general engineering (heavy engineering, automotive, railway, medical equipment etc).

ProSIM Team:

  • A team of analysts from ProSIM with 7-12 years of experience; who have hands on experience in delivering complex projects involving finite element analysis for various application.
  • Team has expertise in carrying out complex finite element analysis including linear and non-linear analysis, dynamic analysis, impact and crash analysis, fatigue and fracture analysis, developing macros,
  • Team has been involved in applying finite element analysis (FEA/ FEM) for design validation, design optimisation, code evaluatioand failure analysis etc.
  • ProSIM team has developed procedures for experience based learning, documentation of the lessons learnt, and generation of training procedures.


25th Sep 2019
0900 - 0930 Registration, networking coffee,
0930 - 1000 Context setting, introduction of Workshop
1000 – 1030  Introduction of participants, and with the type of projects they handle, kind of problems they are facing or faced in earlier work
1030 – 1130 PREPROCESSING – Overview
1130 – 1200 T E A
1200 – 1330 PREPROCESSING-
CAD Related issues, clean up, inspection methods, geometry correction, Type of elements, element quality controls, choice of elements, Relating the choice of elements to the analysis type, material definition, boundary condition definitions, deck setting
1330 – 1415 L U N C H
1415 – 1600  Types of analysis, ANALYSIS SET UP, Analysis Control
1600 – 1630   T E A
1630 – 1900   Formation of Groups and definition of group projects. Projects will be defined for each group. Groups will discuss and brainstorm and present the model. Groups will develop multiple models. session might get extended till the projects are completed.
TEA / SNACKS; Disperse
26th Sep 2019
0900 – 0915 Networking Coffee
0915 - 1045 Post Processing Issues; Results Interpretation
1045 – 1115  T E A
1115 – 1300     Group exercises.   Continued
1300 – 1345    L U N C H
1345 – 1530   Group Exercises Continued
1530 – 1600 T E A
1600 – 1730     Discussion on the group exercises
1730    Discussion on creation of future plans of action to create groups and continue the interaction with participants

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