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Simulation and Analysis Services

  • Computer aided engineering (CAE) Services
    • Meshing
    • Deck setting and preprocessing
    • Scripting
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) Services
    • Linear static FEA
    • Structural FEA, buckling analysis
    • FEA based Vibration analysis - modal analysis/ harmonic analysis/ transient dynamics/ Random Vibration
    • Response spectra analysis
    • Non-linear finite element analysis
    • Contact boundary non-linear finite element analysis
    • Impact/ blast/ shock analysis FEA
  • Multi-Physics Simulation Services
    • Coupled thermos-mechanical FEA
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Conjugate heat transfer
    • Fluid-structure interaction (FSI)
    • Multi-phase flow
    • Electro-magnetic analysis

Design Engineering Services

  • Design Validation by simulation
    • We use finite element analysis (FEA), CFD, and such simulation methods to verify and validate design of products; study the performance of products/ systems;
  • Design Optimisation
    • Once we study the behavior of a product/ system using FEA simulations, we optimize the same to reduce the weight, to increase performance
  • Design Localisation
    • Based on FEA simulations, we do design localization (indigenization) using locally available materials, and locally befitting designs.

Detailed Engineering Services

  • Generating PIDs, 3D models, PID Review, updation
  • Detailed engineering
  • Selection and code qualification of static equipment (pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, valves etc)
  • Selection and code qualification of rotary equipment (motors/ pumps/ compressors/ gear boxes etc)
  • Skid Engineering, design, code qualification, optimisation
  • BoQ extraction, MTO

Piping Related Services

  • Pipe sizing, support design,
  • Pipeline modelling 2D/3D; re-routing
  • Supports & hangar design, evaluation & optimisation
  • Anchorage & baseplate design, qualification, optimisation
  • Piping GA & Iso extraction
  • Pipe stress / flexibility analysis
  • Pipe Re-routing and optimization

Asset Structural Integrity Assessment Services

  • Structural analysis (including thermo-mechanical analysis and fluid structure interaction)
  • Remaining Life Assessment and Extension (RLA/RLE)
  • Fitness for service (FFS)
  • Engineering Critical Analysis (ECA)

Seismic Analysis and Qualification (by finite element analysis (FEA) (for nuclear and non-nuclear applications)

  • Floor Response Spectra (FRS) generation
  • Seismic analysis (using finite element method); and qualification as per ASME B&PV / RCC/ PNAE / IEEE and similar codes.
  • Air Crash Analysis
  • Air Shock Wave analysis

Design Development of Special purpose equipment for nuclear power sector

  • Nuclear waste (spent fuel) handling
  • Mechanical handling equipment (MHEs),
  • Systems, structures, components (SSCs) of nuclear packages

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